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DHA DataFlow (Primary source verification )

DHA DataflowDHA DataFlow

Primary source verification (PSV) is the process of checking the educational background, training, experience as well as other credentials of all healthcare practitioners applying for DHA Dataflow registration and licensing in both the private and public healthcare sectors in the State of Qatar, Saudi, Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, and Oman. PSV is done by Verification Agency DATA FLOW. We are Having 10 + Years Data flow Experts do everything to avoid mistakes and Hassle-free and fast exam application preparation, Experts prepare your application FASTER which will SAVE you TIME. We at Digi Prime Tech providing services such as DHA dataflow, DHA dataflow registration for doctors, DHA dataflow registration for dentists, DHA dataflow registration for lab technician, dha dataflow registration for nurses, DHA dataflow registration for pharmacists and etc., contact us.

What is Primary Source Verification?

Primary Source Verification (PSV) is the act of verifying the applicant documents directly from the original or primary source by a specialized international company called “Dataflow”. Verification will be for educational certificates, experience, health license and good standing certificate.

Why is PSV necessary?

PSV helps healthcare sectors to detect any non-genuine certificate. And accordingly DHA will ensure that the professionals practicing in the Emirates of Dubai is legitimate and qualified. The process through which the DHA validates credentialing information from the institution that originally conferred or issued the credential (e.g. authenticity of educational degrees). This is done through DHA’s partnership with Dataflow group. All health professionals must undergo the PSV process upon initial licensure application or license renewal (for licensed health professionals whose qualifications had not previously undergone PSV). Please note that each document only requires to be verified once. Health professionals may be required to repeat the PSV process for verification of newly acquired credentials/qualifications as required for credentialing purposes (e.g. Acquisition of new educational degree).


  • Passport Size Photo ( White Back Ground)
  • Passport Front and Back Page
  • S.L.C ( Secondary School Certificate)
  • Plus Two ( Higher Secondary)
  • Degree / Diploma Certificate
  • Registration Certificate (License)
  • Last 2 Years Experience Certificate for DHA
  • Basic Life Support (BLS) Certificate
  • Good Standing Certificate (Good Standing certificate is a certificate issued by the Medical Council / Regulatory body from where your previous license has been issued OR State Nursing Council. Of last employer It is valid only for 6 months)
  • Candidate who have abroad Experience, License and Good standing Certificate from the Consent regulatory body is mandatory.

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