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HAAD License

HAAD LicenseHAAD License

We at Digi Prime Tech providing services such as haad license, haad license for doctors, haad license for dentists, haad license exam for MLTs, haad license exam for nurses, haad license for pharmacists, haad license exam for physiotherapists, haad license exam for radiographers. For more information feel free to contact us.

Medical professionals in Abu Dhabi must obtain their license through Health Authority Abu Dhabi(HAAD), the Ministry of Health or Dubai Health Authority (DHA). The procedure involves payment of fees, training courses, exams, and ministry approvals.

We at Digi Prime Tech provide services to healthcare Professionals, they are required to pass HAAD assessment to acquire their professional Health Authority Abu Dhabi(HAAD) license and to practice in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. The Health Authority Abu Dhabi conducts an online test through Prometric.

Specialists and other restorative staff who wish to take up Prometric Licensing Exams and Pearson permitting exams for applying occupations in Gulf, this examination material’s will be exceptionally helpful in taking up exams like Prometric Exams, Pearson Exams, Medical Licensing Exams by MOH Saudi, MOH UAE, HAAD – Health Authority Abu Dhabi.

Its the main beyond any doubt shot application composed or passing the Licensing exams like  MOH, DHA or HAAD which depend on Prometric testing. The inquiries are separated from applicants who have composed the exam and passed.

A mix of a decent practice test and close thoughtfulness regarding study aides will enable you to hold a greater amount of what you read from course readings. Leverage of the training exam for HAAD is that the inquiries address genuine issues that each Doctor/Nurses/Pharmacists/Dentist assistant is probably going to manage sooner or later.

Our Self Assessment System will help you to get ready and pass the HAAD Exam. We give reference books to Dentist, Nursing, Pharmacy, radiographers, Medical Lab Technology, Physiotherapy, and General Practitioners. The application is fantastic for concentrate and also practicing. It lets do reproduce exam with time challenge and do tests without time confinement also. You can see the outcomes displayed in graphical style. The master variant will have more than 1000 and developing some inquiries which will be refreshed on general premise as and when we get new inquiry banks.

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Digi Prime Tech Provides You

HAAD License for DoctorHAAD License for Doctors

Medical professionals in Abu Dhabi must obtain their license through Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD).  The procedure involves payment of fees, training courses, exams, and ministry approvals. The haad license for doctors must obtain specific licenses depending on whether they are interns, general practitioners, specialists, consultants or resident doctors.

HAAD License for NurseHAAD License for Nurses

If you want to work in Abu Dhabi as Nurse Digi Prime Tech helps you to get Licence. HAAD ( Health Authority Abu Dhabi) is the authorized body to issue the license. The Application Procedure is done online. To apply for HAAD( Health Authority Abu Dhabi)Licence for Nurses you have to meet certain requirements. The licensing requirements are applicable to both nursing graduates from Abu Dhabi and international universities.

HAAD License for PharmacistHAAD License for Pharmacists

Digi Prime Tech helps the medical professionals to get through haad license exam for pharmacist and also HAAD Exam for pharmacist offers haad MCQs for the pharmacist, haad exam registration for pharmacist and etc., Contact Us

HAAD License for DentistHAAD License for Dentists

You cannot take the exam without having a file at the Medical Professions Licensing Department and without receiving an approval to take the exam. In general, government exams in the various medical professions take place twice a year. The registration approval for haad license exam for dentists, the exam procedures and additional details regarding the exam and its exact location will be mailed to those eligible to take the exam.

HAAD License for MLTsHAAD License for MLTs

The HAAD Exam is an assessment and qualifying exam for Health Specialists and Medical Lab technicians who want to work in Abu Dhabi. HAAD license exam for mlts is required to pass HAAD assessment in order to acquire professional license and practice.

HAAD License for Physiotherapist

HAAD License for Physiotherapists


The haad license exam for physiotherapists nearly cover all aspects of physiotherapy practice. So, when you get to study for the HAAD exam for physiotherapists look for sources that review all areas of practice no matter what the source is. We offer full-length HAAD exam practice tests and helping you to become as prepared as possible. We are your #1 source for passing the HAAD exam for Physiotherapists.

HAAD License for RadiographerHAAD License for Radiographers

To get License to work in Abu Dhabi, Digi Prime Tech helps you to get  Health Authority Abu Dhabi(HAAD)License exam for Radiographers, haad exam registration for radiographers, haad MCQs for radiographers and etc., Our Self Assessment System will help you to get ready and pass Health Authority Abu Dhabi(HAAD) Exams for Radiographers, Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Dentists, MLTs, Physiotherapists.

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